Managed Vector class with List<T> bad suffix on number

Trying to create a basic vetor class using managed C++\CLI List. I'm new at this, so be gentle ;-)

Heade file MyVec.h

#pragma once

using namespace System::Collections::Generic;

ref class MyVec
    List<double>^ MyVector;


    property List<double>^ myVector
        List<double>^ get();
        void set(List<double>^ MyVector);

    MyVec^ operator+(MyVec^ 2ndVec);


Here I get a "bad suffix on number" where I try to overload + to add two vectors.

CPP file MyVec.CPP:

#include "StdAfx.h"
#include "MyVec.h"

List<double>^ MyVec::myVector::get()
    return MyVector;
void MyVec::myVector::set(List<double>^ myVector)
    this->MyVector = myVector; 
MyVec^ operator+(MyVec^ 2ndVec)
    MyVec^ SumVec = gcnew MyVec();
    if 2ndVec->Count == this->Count
        for (int i = 0; i < this->Count; i++)
            SumVec[i] = this[i] + 2ndVec[i];
            return SumVec;

So whats wrong with the overloading?

Thanks, Jan


The error is saying the lexer doesn't allow ndVec to be a suffix for the literal number 2. It seems your intention is to write an identifier, not a literal number. But, 2ndVec is not a legal identifier in C++/CLI.

A legal identifier consists of letters, digits and underscores. It cannot begin with a digit. An identifier that contains a double underscore or begins with an underscore followed by an uppercase letter is reserved for the implementation.

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