Read XML file fom “My documents” with metro app Windows 8

I'm having an issues with a reading xml file from "my documents" folder. I created a xml file in the folder Data inside "my documents". I have changed already the Capabilities of the app but at the XmlReader reader line, there is an exception triggered "Access to the path 'C:\Users...\Documents\DomusGest\DomusGestFile.xml' is denied."

                StorageFolder storageFolder = null;
                StorageFile storageFile = null;
                storageFolder = await KnownFolders.DocumentsLibrary.GetFolderAsync("Data");
                storageFile = await storageFolder.GetFileAsync("DataXML.xml");
                string storageFilePath = storageFile.Path;

                XmlReader reader = XmlReader.Create(storageFilePath);
                while (reader.Read())
                    if ((reader.NodeType == XmlNodeType.Element) && (reader.Name == "Apparmtment"))
                        if (reader.HasAttributes)
                                WriteXML.Text = reader.GetAttribute("name");//write on Win8 App

With this same code, I can read the file if the file is located in a folder of the metro app solution.

What am I doing wrong?



You need to go to Properties, capabilities and activate Document Library Access capability. Then you need to update the app manifest declaring what type of document you want to te able to read ".xml" in your case; this can be done from the declarations tab.

This can be done, however, bear in mind this is not the best option for neither the user or you, the developer. For the user this is unsafe and will have to accept the capability, thing that may (though I doubt it) draw back some users. On the other hand, the user may modify this XML easier (or another app) and you will have to deal with it.

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