Override “project” command in Build.scala

I have a quite heavy project with many modules aka sbt subprojects each of each has a big company name prefix. I've tried to find project command task key and override it, but didn't success. Is there any way to do this?


The best thing to do is to create a dedicated object, with its own Scala file, that would define a def Project.

That way you could have something like:

[your company].scala:

object <your company> {
  def Project(name: String = "", path: sbt.File, dependencies: Seq[ModuleID] = Seq.empty, isCompanyProject: Boolean = true) = {
    val settings = ...
    val projectName = if (companyProject) {
      ... // [your company / your project / whatever] + "-" + name
    } else name

    val project = sbt.Project(projectName, path, settings = ...)


in the same folder as your ApplicationBuild.scala file:

object ApplicationBuild extends Build {
  lazy val foo = <your company>.Project("foo", sbt.file("foo"), fooDependencies)

That way you could create a [your company] task that would call project with your company's prefix.

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