Regex : Phone number starting with 06 or 07

I have this function which works only for 10 digits.

function telValide( tel )
    var reg = new RegExp('^[0-9]{10}$', 'i');
    return reg.test(tel);

I would like to check phone number starting with 06 or 07.

Ex :

06 01010101 : true

07 01240101 : true

00 04343000 : false


var reg = new RegExp('^((06)|(07))[0-9]{8}$', 'i');

I guess it's a simple case:


'^0(6|7) [0-9]{8}$'

Or if you mean you want the numbers without a space:


Check out some excellent regex tutorials here and here.

The easiest pattern would probably be



  • 0
  • 6 or 7
  • a digit
  • repeated exactly eight times

That assumes that your white space is merely for emphasis.

You could also be fancy and use a lookahead


This isn't really adding much expect complexity however.

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