How can I mark the current tab's label with a star?

I have the following for the guitablabel

set guitablabel=%N/\ %t\ %M

I was wondering if there is a way to tweak it so that I have * in front of a current tab without defining another function.


Unfortunately, one cannot simply use tabpagenr() to query the current tab page. Apparently, Vim internally switches through the tab pages when evaluating 'guitablabel'. As a workaround, I use an :autocmd to set a tab-scoped variable. With that, one can use a %{...} expression to add the asterisk for the current tab page:

au TabEnter * let t:current = 1
au TabLeave * let t:current = 0
set guitablabel=%{exists('t:current')&&t:current?'*':''}%N/\ %t\ %M

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