JSON.parse syntax issue with a string in array structure

I have a simple string which is structured like this:


Basically its an array of co-ordinates, to create a path. The Home is used because this changes based on user's location on the map.

The problem i face is when i pass it from PHP to JS.

I json_encode the data and pass it across like this:


Then i create my object for it after i JSON.parse:

paths = {};
for(var i in data){     
  paths[data[i].id] = {}
  paths[data[i].id].path = data[i].path;

The problem is data[i].path is still just a string and not a useable array. So i tried to add a secondary JSON.parse to change the string to a useable array like this:

paths[data[i].id].path = JSON.parse(data[i].path);

But this causes:

 Unexpected token H 

The H is obviously coming from Home that i put in the array, so I am wondering what i can do convert it to a useable array ?


Your string is not valid JSON. Home would be a javascript identifier of that name. "Home" is a string. The quotes are missing.

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