How do I create a jQuery plugin in CoffeeScript?

On How to Create a Basic Plugin there is a section titled Protecting the $ Alias and Adding Scope.

The $ variable is very popular among JavaScript libraries, and if you're using another library with jQuery, you will have to make jQuery not use the $ with jQuery.noConflict(). However, this will break our plugin since it is written with the assumption that $ is an alias to the jQuery function. To work well with other plugins, and still use the jQuery $ alias, we need to put all of our code inside of an Immediately Invoked Function Expression, and then pass the function jQuery, and name the parameter $:

In JavaScript, this wrapper looks like this:

(function ( $ ) {
  // do stuff
  return this;

How can this be translated into CoffeeScript?


This coffeescript:

$ = jQuery
### do stuff ###

compiles to:

// Generated by CoffeeScript 1.6.3
(function() {
  var $;
  $ = jQuery;
  /* do stuff*/

I think the effect is the same, ensuring that $ points to jQuery regardless of what $ is in the calling environment.

This is what the author of Coffeescript recommends in Writing a jquery plugin in coffeescript - how to get "(function($)" and "(jQuery)"?

To get closer to the original pattern (do is still something of a blackbox to me)

do ($=jQuery) ->
  ### do stuff  ###

'bare' compiles to:

// Generated by CoffeeScript 1.6.3
(function($) {
  /* do stuff*/

  return this;

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