Bind images to GridView from database without using handler or httphandler

have read many article and most of the article suggest httphandler or handler for image binding to gridview from SQL Server.

Is it possible to bind images from database to gridview without httphandler or handler?. If yes than provide me sample code

My table schema: Table Name:- ImageGallery

Column Name     DataTypes

Photo           image

 The above table stored the images in <Binary data>


Is it possible? Yes. Is it a good idea? Not at all, and here's why. An HttpHandler is a way of providing a virtual URL for the image. This allows the browser to handle the GET requests on its own, in an order that's efficient, and asynchronously. This further means that the initial GET request isn't burdened down with conceivably MB's of images.

The idea of a website is that it's more efficient to make a lot of smaller requests asynchronously than it is to make one massive request. Why? Because you're already at a disadvantage to provide the user with a good experience when disconnected from the server. Adding insult to that injury by making a massive request that could take minutes, isn't going to add to their joy.

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