Calling CTE multiple times in same query

I have a fairly complicated query with multiple CTEs but 1 main CTE that the others all pull from, does this cause that main CTE to be executed multiple times?


You could use CROSS JOIN thus:

    AVG(CASE WHEN instructorID = @instructorID THEN score END) InstructorSemesterAverage,
    STDEVP(CASE WHEN instructorID = @instructorID THEN score END) InstructorSemesterSTDeviation,
    AVG(CASE WHEN subjectCode = @subjectCode THEN score END) DepartmentSemesterAverage, 
    STDEVP(CASE WHEN subjectCode = @subjectCode THEN score END) DepartmentSemesterSTDeviation, 
    AVG(CASE WHEN bannerCRN=@CRN AND Q.year = @year AND semester = @semester THEN score END) ClassScore,
    STDEVP(CASE WHEN bannerCRN=@CRN AND Q.year = @year AND semester = @semester THEN score END) ClassSTDeviation,
    (SELECT DecTile FROM cteNtile WHERE instructorID = @instructorID)*10 DecTile,
    X.DepartmentClassFiveYearAverage AS DepartmentClassFiveYearAverage,
    X.DepartmentClassFiveYearSTDeviation AS DepartmentClassFiveYearSTDeviation,
    X.InstructorClassFiveYearAverage AS InstructorClassFiveYearAverage,
    X.InstructorClassFiveYearSTDeviation AS InstructorClassFiveYearSTDeviation
    cteMain Q CROSS JOIN cteFiveYear X

This will prevent multiple executions (for actual execution plan see Number of Executions property) for cteFiveYear.

Example: If you execute this query

SELECT  h.ProductID,h.StandardCost,
FROM    Production.ProductCostHistory h
    SELECT  AVG(p.ListPrice) AvgPrice
    FROM    Production.Product p
) x

using AdventureWorks2008R2 database then the actual execution plan will be

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