Requirements for impelemting Zooz in ios app

I am new in using payment gateways. I have to use Zooz in my app.

Our client will create an account for Zooz .

Please tell me which things i have to ask from client about Zooz account that i need to use in app. like APP key, is there other parameters also that i need to ask form client? which will be used in code.


Try this

invoiceRefNumber is your system accounting invoice number, it is for tracking only and not used by our system. appKey - is the app key you received from us upon registration

Creating a payment request and opening the payment dialog.

       ZooZ * zooz = [ZooZ sharedInstance];
       zooz.sandbox = YES;//set this if working in Sandbox mode
       ZooZPaymentRequest * req =
       [zooz createPaymentRequestWithTotal:32.1 invoiceRefNumber:@"1234" delegate:self];
       req.currencyCode = @"USD";
       [zooz openPayment:req forAppKey:@"app_id"];

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