PHP user class with login access

I've searched something about a login system in Google but the thing is that I'm trying to get there by myself, and not following a guide that tells me everything.

I have an index.php that has a menu.php included in the top, which has an include for a login_form.php, which calls login.php to make the login. In the login.php uses the class User to make the login. user.php has the require_once for the connection.php

I'm failing at something very easy to fix but can't quite see it as this is new to me. The problem is that an error happens:

Undefined variable: mysql in admin\include\lib\user.php on line 12


 require_once 'constants.php';
 $mysql = new mysqli($db['host'], $db['username'], $db['password'], $db['name']);

if ($mysql->connect_error){
    die('Connection error (' . $mysql->connect_errno.')'. $mysql->connect_error);

user.php -> Line 12:


As a side note index.php as a require_once for the connection.php, constants.php (which has the $db array with the host, user, etc..), and the class.php. I'm really trying to get in th OOP concept so I would really appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance guys!

EDIT: I believe that it will be a bit hard to give you the file structure but I can assure you that I'm requiring things right. To prove it I did the var_dump($mysql). If I call it in the user.php but outside the class User, it shows content. However if I call it inside the class User, it gives me the undefined error.


You have a variable scope problem. $mysql is out of scope in the User class. I suggest passing the variable to the class in the constructor and store it as a property:

class User
    protected $mysql;   

    public function __construct($mysql)
        $this->mysql = $mysql;

    public function something()
        $this->password = $this->mysql->real_escape_string($this->password);

Example usage passing the connection:

require_once 'connection.php'; // creates $mysql
$user = new User($mysql);

Throughout the class you can now use $this->mysql to access the connection.

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