Having a hard time with OOP php

I'm having a hard time understanding OOP, I do not know what's wrong with this code.

basically I just need to select all the os_id from the database. this is the solution i came up and

public function select_all_users($fields, $table){
    $query = mysql_query("select {$fields} FROM {$table}");
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)){
        $result[] = $row['os_id'] ;
    return $result;


and technically this is how I would display it

require_once 'global/db.php'; 
$db = new Database();
$results = $db->select_all_users("*", "os_inventory"); 
echo "<td>". $results . "</td>";


Variable $results is array and you use echo!. Use foreach like:

require_once 'global/db.php'; 
$db = new Database();
$results = $db->select_all_users("*", "os_inventory"); 
foreach($results as $temp)
    echo "<td>". $temp[0] . "</td>";

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