Using unix time function in QShell

I'm trying to create a QShell command to output the time taken to complete a task. My command seems fine when I run it in cygwin, but doesn't produce anything in QShell. For example, this is the command I'd use to get the real time for ls

(time ls) 2>&1 | grep real | cut -f2 >> log.txt

Am I missing something here?


QSH is a Unix-like environment. There are some oddities surrounding redirection. IBM have a document called Redirecting Output in Qshell that goes over this in brief. I found the following to work, if clunky:

{ time ls *.txt; } > /dev/null 2> time.txt; grep real time.txt | cut -c10-20 >> log.txt; rm time.txt

I couldn't get STDERR redirected without going to a file.

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