Ruby Validation failed on .create

I am attempting to use a .create method but constantly getting back the error:

Validation failed: Account can't be blank

This is the code I am running to produce the error:

What could cause .create! to produce that error when it is apparent that :account is not blank?


Here is some more info around my validations:

*It's worth noting that I the sample code in my initial post is not the complete script, but simple the code I am experiencing the error with. I define several other attributes inside that script but didn't want to put too much noise in this post.


Your problem is that you are validates_presence_of on the account_id but you are passing in the account. The error message says Account because when humanizing the field name, it drops the id.

You may want to try create with:

              :account_id =>,
              :date => date

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