JQuery + .show()

This is a simple example of radio buttons using JQuery


So what I want is to be able to slowly display the radio buttons something like this:

JSFiddle - show()

but instead of having .html here I want to slowly fade it in


something like


but i can't quite work it out. Can someone please advise?


Try this

var allButtons = [["Milk", "Butter", "Cheese"],["Water", "Beer", "Wine"]];
var index=0;

$("#nextbutton").on("click", function () {

    var answers = '';
    $(allButtons[index]).each(function (i) {
        answers += '<input type="radio" name="group1' + '" value="' + allButtons[index][i] + '">' + allButtons[index][i] + '<br>'

    answers=answers+"index = " + index;




var allButtons = [["Milk", "Butter", "Cheese"],["Water", "Beer", "Wine"]];
var index=0;

function displayOption($ct, array, index){
    if(array.length <= index){

    var opt = array[index];
    $('<div/>').append('<input type="radio" name="group1' + '" value="' + opt + '">' + opt).hide().appendTo($ct).fadeIn(function(){
        displayOption($ct, array, index + 1);


    $("#nextbutton").on("click", function () {
        var $answers = $("#answer");


        displayOption($answers, allButtons[index], 0);


Demo: Fiddle

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