How do I write php code to send JSON data from MySQL database to my AngularJS application

I'm trying to wire up my angularjs application to get JSON data from a database (mySQL), using PHP as the server-side language (a language I taught myself this summer, and am most comfortable with).

Having looked at these links: (Angular JS: Full example of GET/POST/DELETE/PUT client for a REST/CRUD backend?) (How to access the services from RESTful API in my angularjs page), I feel very confident in how the AngularJS code should look, but I don't know what the URL is doing in these $resource examples.

I've never implemented a RESTful API in any language, and I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what the code should be inside the tags. Explanations on the web are often too technical for my skill level. I've tried asking my professors, but I haven't found one who has implemented REST before.

I appreciate any time and any help, Andrew


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I'm one of those few people who still uses caps lock regularly (Oh, the horror!! aaaah :O)

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