Is there a fastclick library (or other solution) in Dart to remove the 300ms delay (ghostclick) on mobile devices?

My app is less responsive on mobile devices. It seems that many (all?) browsers put a 300ms delay to decide if the touch was a simple or double touch.

There are solutions for this, like fastclick, but I'm wondering if there is one using Dart code ?

EDIT: There is a method preventGhostClick in: ClickBuster.dart, anyone has ever tried this method? Example?


The delay is independent of any browser, JavaScript or library like Dart. It's the way Android detects a double click just by waiting after the first tap if there will be a second one.

In the lower level API of Android you can react on touch-down and touch-up events directly. You could implement this using plain java (e.g. as Android Service), but I've no idea how to call that or listen to its touch-events using Dart.

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