Where is the Mouseover trigger for chords in Bostock's “Uber Rides by Neighborhood” Chord viz?


I'm working on a d3.js chord diagram that is based on http://bost.ocks.org/mike/uberdata/ :

Line 88 clearly shows the mouseover event for the neighborhood "group" object.

Line 123-130 show how the title is concatenated for the chord.

However, there is no mouseover trigger to show/hide the .text associated with the nodes.

Is this an "automatic" feature of JS? Or is the behavior part of the d3.js script?

The reason I ask is that I need to replace the hover behavior with a click behavior, since it needs to be usable on the iPad.


The default tooltip is an automatic browser feature that is based on the <title> element inside a shape element. In the chord diagram example, you can see group.append("title") at line 91 and chord.append("title") at line 123.

There is no automatic equivalent for touch devices that I know of.

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