jenkins does not recognize the errors when building the cpp code

I am using jenkins for my CI server but i have problems when i want to build the project because jenkins does not recognize the compilation errors.This is my problem:

creating objects directory obj
g++ -I../src -I third-party/cppunit-1.12.1/include -fPIC -g -Wall -c booktest.cpp -o obj/booktest.o
g++ -I../src -I third-party/cppunit-1.12.1/include -fPIC -g -Wall -c reader/bookreadertest.cpp -o obj/reader/bookreadertest.o
g++ -I../src -I third-party/cppunit-1.12.1/include -fPIC -g -Wall -c indexer/indexertest.cpp -o obj/indexer/indexertest.o
indexer/indexertest.cpp: In constructor ‘IndexerTest::IndexerTest()’:
indexer/indexertest.cpp:17:12: error: ‘failMethod’ was not declared in this scope
make: *** [obj/indexer/indexertest.o] Error 1
creating objects directory obj
g++ -I ../src -fPIC -g -Wall -c src/main.cpp -o obj/src/main.o
g++ -o oreallybooks -fPIC -g -Wall obj/src/main.o -L/user/local/lib -L../src/lib -loreally -lm
Finished: SUCCESS

I am using  bash files to build and clean the cpp project
I "execute shell" for "build steps" in jenkins and this is the command:


"buildProject" is bash file and contains:

cd src;
cd ../test;
cd ../ui

Someone can help me please? thanks all


If anything other than the final make fails then the bash script will ignore the error.

You need to set the script to fail on first error

#!/bin/bash -e

Stop on first error

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