attrib/chmod on old dos version

I'm working on an old pc with dos 5.0 installed. I have plugged in a storage media on it, PC can easily see the directories and files, but i cannot overwrite or add directories/files.

So, if i would like to change permissions to one directory, how can i do this? I have tried with: attrib +a +r a:\DIR1 /s /d [but the /d option is not enabled on this old version of attrib and so it doesn't work] I tried to download a latest version of attrib, but it gave me the message "DOS version not supported".

The moral is that i would like to do the same of linux's CHMOD in DOS 5.

I really need your help! i have searched in every site (google ecc.) but i didn't succeeded in finding the right solution.

thanks, have a nice day


p.s.=if you know a third party software , too, that works in DOS 5 and could help me, please: notify me :)


What sort of storage media is this? Is it something that could be hardware write-protected (e.g., a floppy disk)?

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