Celery flower's Broker tab is blank

I'm running celery and celery flower with redis as a broker. Everything boots up correctly, the worker can find jobs from redis, and the celery worker completes the jobs successfully.

The issue I'm having is the Broker tab in the celery flower web UI doesn't show any of the information from Redis. I know the Redis url is correct, because it's the same URL that celeryd is using. I also know that the celery queue has information in it, because I can manually confirm that via redis-cli.

I'm wondering if celery flower is trying to monitor a different queue in the Broker tab? I don't see any settings in the flower documentation to override or confirm. I'm happy to provide additional information upon request, but I'm not certain what is relevant.


Turns out I needed to start Celery Flower with both the broker and broker_api command line arguments:

celery flower --broker=redis://localhost:6379/0 --broker_api=redis://localhost:6379/0

Hope this helps someone else.

For AMQP this is an example.

/usr/bin/celery -A app_name --broker=amqp://user:pw@host//vhost --broker_api=http://user:pw@host:host_port/api flower

The broker_api is the rabbitmq web ui endpoint with /api

rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management

that was help me from http://flower.readthedocs.org/en/latest/config.html?highlight=broker_api#broker-api

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