Read 2-dimensional from XML

I am trying to read following XML file into a 2-dimensional array where the x is the index of the first Arraylist, and the Y the index of the second. (A map with coordinates)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <Tile w="0" x="0" y="0">
    <Tile w="0" x="0" y="1">
    <Tile w="0" x="0" y="2">
    <Tile w="0" x="0" y="3">
    private static ArrayList<ArrayList<Tile>> loadTiles( Element root ) throws Exception {
    ArrayList<ArrayList<Tile>> result = new ArrayList<>();

    List channels = root.getChildren();       
    ListIterator it2 = channels.listIterator();
    while (it2.hasNext()){
        //- Tile
        Element el = (Element);

        int x = el.getAttribute("x").getIntValue();
        int y = el.getAttribute("y").getIntValue();
        boolean w = el.getAttribute("w").getBooleanValue();
        Tile t = new Tile(new Point(x,y), w);
        //- Children
        t.setMesh(el.getValue().trim()); //hardcoded
        if (result.get(x) == null) result.add(new ArrayList<Tile>());
        result.get(x).set(y, t);


    return result;

Any idea how I should load it into the array without any nullpointers like I get atm?


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