Jquery mobile app works on the desktop, doesnt work on mobile

I have a problem, I am making a jquery mobile web app for android, and on one page I cant fire button "Proveri" on mobile devices(iPhone 5 and Asus Pad HD 7 tested).

The link is here

Chek HTML on the source code of this page.


           var film = new Array("balkan ekspres","balkan expres");

  $(document).ready(function() {
          //ucitavanje pomoci




              $(".proveri").on('tap', function(){

                  var imef = >$("#imefilma").val().toLowerCase();
                  var pogodak;


                          pogodak = true;

                          pogodak = false;

                      var prvoSlovo  = imef.substr(0,1);
                      var ostatak = imef.substr(1);
                      var novoIme =   >prvoSlovo.toUpperCase() + ostatak;


                      //registrujemo da je ovo pitanje 
                      localStorage.prviprvo = novoIme;

                      localStorage.bodovi = >Number(localStorage.bodovi) + 10;



          alert("Dogodila se greska");


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