jQuery - Detect when textarea is resized


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$(document).ready(function () {
    var $textareas = jQuery('textarea');

    // set init (default) state   
    $textareas.data('x', $textareas.outerWidth());
    $textareas.data('y', $textareas.outerHeight());

    $textareas.mouseup(function () {

        var $this = $(this);

        if ($this.outerWidth() != $this.data('x') || $this.outerHeight() != $this.data('y')) {
            alert($this.outerWidth() + ' - ' + $this.data('x') + '\n' + $this.outerHeight() + ' - ' + $this.data('y'));

        // set new height/width
        $this.data('x', $this.outerWidth());
        $this.data('y', $this.outerHeight());

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