VB.NET “Unable to get application object”

Public Class Class1

Public Shared Sub Main()
    Dim iAgentClient
    Dim sParamArray As String() = {"", "123"}
    'Dim sParamArray
    Dim iObject
    Dim bReturn

    iObject = CreateObject("Agent.Proxy")
    If Not iObject Is Nothing Then
        iAgentClient = iObject.GetApplication
        If iAgentClient Is Nothing Then
            MsgBox("Can not get Application object")
        End If
        MsgBox("Can not create proxy object")
    End If

    bReturn = iAgentClient.ExecuteScript("Custom_OpenOutboundDialog2", sParamArray)

    If bReturn = True Then
        MsgBox("ExecuteScript() was succeeded.")
        MsgBox("ExecuteScript() was failed.")
        Exit Sub
    End If
End Sub

End Class

When executed to "iAgentClient = iObject.GetApplication" There is an error prompted:

"Unable to get application object"

This error only happened on my customer's PC(WinXP/Win7/Win2008), but not my laptop(WinXP). It seems there is some limitations from the OS level. Can anybody advise?


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