Download attribute on A tag not working in IE

From the following code I'm creating a dynamic anchor tag which downloads a file. This code works well in Chrome but not in IE. How can I get this working

<div id="divContainer">
    <h3>Sample title</h3>
<button onclick="clicker()">Click me</button>

<script type="text/javascript">

    function clicker() {
        var anchorTag = document.createElement('a');
        anchorTag.href = ""; = "download";;

        var element = document.getElementById('divContainer');



Internet Explorer does not presently support the Download attribute on A tags.

See and; the latter indicates that the feature is "Under consideration" for IE12.

As of build 10547+, the Microsoft Edge browser is now supporting the download attribute on a tags.

<a href="download/image.png" download="file_name.png">Download Image</a>

Edge features update:

a[download] standard:

Append child first and then click

Or you can use window.location= 'url' ;

As mentioned in earlier answer , download attribute is not supported in IE . As a work around, you can use iFrames to download the file . Here is a sample code snippet.

function downloadFile(url){
    var oIframe = window.document.createElement('iframe');
    var $body = jQuery(document.body);
    var $oIframe = jQuery(oIframe).attr({
        src: url,
        style: 'display:none'


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