Concatenating matrix in MATLAB results in loss of precision

I have a column matrix say temp1 with floating point numbers in the following format(displayed this way using format long g):


and another nx3 matrix (temp2) with values like so:

25.59989 -17.82167 31.19241
25.17558 -17.59459 30.71448
25.18788 -17.39987 30.61347

I concatenate the 2 matrices column wise, temp = [temp1 temp2]; The resulting matrix is:

1.334305e+09 24.40084 -17.98591 30.31327
1.334305e+09 24.23554 -17.68831 30.00396
1.334305e+09 25.31328 -17.61529 30.83927

I want the resulting matrix to have the original precision of temp1. How do I do this? I have already tried format long g. Writing to a file with dlmwrite and precision set to %.5f results in the fractional part of first column zeroed out.


First, format long g worked for me. I am using Matlab_R2013a on mac:

>> temp = [temp1 temp2]

temp =

          1334320224.86767                  25.59989                 -17.82167                  31.19241
          1334320225.03415                  25.17558                 -17.59459                  30.71448
          1334320225.20064                  25.18788                 -17.39987                  30.61347

But a simple solution: sprintf('%f ',temp), it will lose the matrix look-like formating, but you will be able to see as you want. The output:

>> sprintf('%f ',temp)

ans =

1334320224.867670 1334320225.034150 1334320225.200640 25.599890 25.175580 25.187880 -17.821670 -17.594590 -17.399870 31.192410 30.714480 30.613470 

If you reaaaally need to see as you pointed out you might want to do:

>> arrayfun(@(in) sprintf('%f',in),temp,'Uniform',0)

ans = 

    '1334320224.867670'    '25.599890'    '-17.821670'    '31.192410'
    '1334320225.034150'    '25.175580'    '-17.594590'    '30.714480'
    '1334320225.200640'    '25.187880'    '-17.399870'    '30.613470'

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