SQL: perform same operation on all rows

I'm using MySQL and I have a column of dates that were enterered into the database incorrectly. More specifically, they were entered in as dd/mm/yy but MySQL assumed they were in the format yyyy/mm/dd. I made the following code to correct this problem but there is an error stating that the subquery in the first line returns more than one row. How can I make it perform this operation on every row? Do I need a loop?

SET @raw_date = (SELECT j.a_date FROM tbl_job j);

SET @first = SPLIT_STR(@raw_date, '-', 1);
SET @second = SPLIT_STR(@raw_date, '-', 2);
SET @third = SPLIT_STR(@raw_date, '-', 3);

SET @first = (SELECT RIGHT(@first, 2));

SET @job_date = CONCAT(@third,'-',@second,'-',@first);

UPDATE tbl_job
SET tbl_job.a_date = @job_date;


SELECT j.a_date FROM tbl_job 
UPDATE tbl_job
SET tbl_job.a_date = @job_date

eliminate WHERE clause, it will update all rows...

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