Inquiry about JDBC, not supported ResultSet

I have got two questions related to the same bit of code:

CachedRowSet cachedRow = new CachedRowSetImpl();
cachedRow.setCommand("SELECT * FROM books");
int [] arrayKey = {1};

//cachedRow.setKeyColumns(arrayKey); // I can even omit this line and it works anyway;;
cachedRow.updateString(2, "ball");
cachedRow.acceptChanges();//it works with cachedRow.acceptChanges(con) where con
                          //has been initialized and has been set on setAutoCommit(false);

That's the exception I am getting by using a CachedRowSet set with .setUrl("url");

at CachedThingSet.main(
javax.sql.rowset.spi.SyncProviderException: Can't call commit when autocommit=true

1) I would like to know why I can insert data into the database even though the tutorial says it cannot be possible (the setKeyColumn() method is commented out):

Setting Key Columns

If you are going make any updates to the crs object and want those updates saved in the database, you must set one more piece of information: the key columns.

And why I have to set up a connection with autocommit(false) in order to use a CachedRowSet (updating a row) otherwise I get a SyncProviderException: can't call commit when autocommit=true Is there anyway I can set the connection got from setUrl("url"); without using acceptChanges(con) where con is another connection set with autocommit(false)


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