In Push Notification Functionality and Cloud Messaging why the message is storing in certain format?

In the DataBase the message is stored like this.....


Here am facing the problem While retrieving the data from DB i need to show only msg present in that alert but how can i retrieve that part from entire data stored in DB...


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Same code works on phisical device but not in the Android 4 emulator

android google-maps google-maps-android-api-2

My app is already using the Google Maps Android API v2 and it is working on my Galaxy Mini (Android 2.3.6). When I try to test in on an emulator using Platform 4.0.3, API level 15 and Google APIs, ...

How to simulate Windows shutdown for debugging?

c# .net winforms shutdown

I have an issue with my application when Windows shuts down - my app isn't exiting nicely, resulting in the End Task window being displayed. How can I use the debugger to see what's going on?

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