Integrating coupon based authentication in ios

I am a novice Ios programmer and this is my first ios project which is almost complete.The app is basically financial data visualization app which shows graphs and charts of various financial data.This app has been developed mainly as a promotional one and is aimed for a particular conference attendee .Now my client want to distribute the app only to the conference attendee and this number would be maximum 200 to 300.the idea is to download the app from the app store and activate it through inserting a coupon number which is unique.I have not found any particular apple verified way for doing this. So How can i implement this coupon based authentication system??

Another thing is...... in username and password based logging system do i need to keep option for "sign up for new user" system (when submitting for app store approval) or i can send a particular username and password as a note during app submission. If I don't implement create new used based logging system(as this app would have very limited more than 300) will my app be rejected???

thanks in advance


The truth is you probably can't achieve that coupon thing in your app. Consult the App Store Review Guidelines for that, but Apple hates to see apps that are limited to a particular place and/or space and that can be used only by a very small number of people.

But there is a way out of this. Take a look here -

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