Rexport all features from one module to another - node.js

How to export all features of one module via another. Something like in the pseudocode below:

Module one.js

exports.func1 = ...
exports.func2 = ...
exports.func2 = ...

Module two.js

 one = require 'one.js'

 exports = exportallfrom(one)

Module three.js

two = require 'two.js'



You can have two inherit from one, using Object.create() to establish a prototype chain between them:

module.exports = exports = Object.create require './one.js'

# ...

Or, you can simply iterate over one's properties, copying their values:

one = require './one.js'
Object.keys(one).forEach (key) ->
  exports[key] = one[key]

# ...

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