How to get more info on a boost::xml_archive exception

Hi I have written some code that is serializing some object to xml and then trying to deserialize it from a file. This has been working but suddenly I am getting a

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::archive::archive_exception'
  what():  input stream error

So I guess I must have made a breaking change somewhere. The problem is boost is not giving me any more information, is there any way (perhaps compiler flag?) to get more information on the error?

I am using G++, and boost v1.46


You may enclose the archive function in a try catch block and do logging in case of an exception.

I have done this:

    #define ARCHIVE_TRY try {
    #define ARCHIVE_CATCH } \
        catch(const std::exception& e) { \
            STACK_TRACE; \
            LOG_ERROR(std::string("Exception: "  + e.what())); \
            throw e; \
    #define ARCHIVE_TRY
    #define ARCHIVE_CATCH

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