Need to write a regex in C# for numbers only

I need a regex in C# for the following conditions which will be validating a textbox entry :

I should contain either A 5-digit number or a 6-digit number. In case of multiple entries, the numbers should be separated by a pipe character without space. Example: 34786|235652|12876

I have tried the following regex , which are not working propyl:


Please help!!


Try this:


This should work:



^ = Start of line

[0-9] = Any digit (\d would work too)

{5,6} = Either 5 or 6 times

(...)* = Whatever is inside the (), 0 or more times

\| = The pipe character

$ = End of line

Put together, it's "Start of line followed by 5 or 6 digits followed by [pipe character followed by 5 or 6 digits] 0 or more times followed by end of line"

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