How to generate test reports using Junit+selenium+Eclipse?

I would like to know how to generate the test reports using junit+eclipse+selenium. I m using java as the language.I tried something but i didn't do anything: 1) First generate an Ant build file for my project. In the Export page select "Ant Buildfiles" it is under General. Then select a project that contains your JUnit tests. The default JUnit output directory is appropriately named "junit". 2) Next resolve dependencies by making sure that the junit.jar is added to Ant's "Global Entries." Window->Preferences->Ant->Runtime->Global Entries and Add External JARs... Navigate to my "eclipse" directory (where eclipse is installed). It is under *"plugins" directory and presently the junit.jar is in a directory named "org.junit_3.8.1".* <-I couldn't find this folder.

It would be great if some one could have given me the steps to generate test reports in eclipse +junit.


Go through following here contains step by step process. this works for me.

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