How to solve this tagging system routing issue

I have a tag resource in routes.rb: resources :tags as well as a tag link code snippet: get 'tags/:tag', to: 'users#index', as: :tag.

The tag link code snippet allows me to click on a tag link and be routed to the user index page with a list of all users who have been tagged with that tag. The link is of the form http://localhost:3000/tags/{tag_name}

Unfortunately these two ideas are clashing because when I try to add a new tag via the tag resource, the link generated is http://localhost:3000/tags/new. Which leads to ambiguity because "new" can be either an action or a tag name.

I'm a rails beginner, any ideas on how to solve this? Most of the code I'm using is from the railscast


Try this In your UsersController

def index
  @users = User.all
  @users = @users.where(tag: params[:tag]) if params[:tag]

Your url


Your view

link_to 'Your tag', "#{users_path}?tag=your_tag"

You could try FriendlyId gem ( and use show action to redirect to users controller.

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