Xcode validation error: Unexpected value for key: CFBundleIconFile is not a string

I'm trying to validate an iOS application for first time.

I had a lot of obstacles until come this step, but I couldn't resolve by myself, so I decide write a question for this awesome comunity.

I got this error in the validation process of the app:

Image: http://oi43.tinypic.com/292qvk5.jpg

My .plist file name is: appxxx-Info.plist The first question is: the error is reference a file named Info.plist, but I haven't this file!, again, my file is named appxxx-Info.plist

So, I checked the appxxx-Info.plist file to made sure that I had included all neccessary icons for the app. I did have them all.

Image http://oi40.tinypic.com/2a66lqx.jpg

I went to the Summary tab project's target in Xcode and I loaded the proper image for each "device" (iphone/ipod/ipad) and everything is fine! (I never seen a yellow warning triangle)

Anyone know what is the problem?


In response to question #1: Xcode renames your info plist to “Info.plist” when it builds your app bundle. The organizer is validating the built app bundle, not your raw source.

In response to #2: CFBundleIconFile should be a string, not an array.

To help with your error I suggest you go through the following links :-

CFBundleIconFile and CFBundleIconFiles in info.plist

CFBundleIconFiles Key is not Showing Up in XCode

Core Foundation Keys

Also to specify icons for your app please go through

How do I specify both icons for a universal iPhone/iPad app? and Xcode 4.2 - App Loader: Unable to verify icon dimensions, no icon found

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