Mysql custom where condition

My table is :

I want to select records who all are fail(result=0) but except who has same course_id result is 1.

For example look my table there are two rows have result=0 but student_id=1 has another row with result=1 so i want skip this record.

Sorry for confusing you.I hope my expecting output explains clearly what I want.

Expecting output is :

2 | 1 | 0


Try this

SELECT student_id, course_id, result FROM tbl WHERE result = 0 
AND student_id NOT IN (SELECT student_id FROM table WHERE result =1 
                                      and course_id = tbl.course_id )

Above we are selecting all records that have a result =0 only if the student_id and course_id is not found in the sub query with a result=1

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