Adding a dynamic attribute name to a selection

I have this:

g.append(function(d) {
  return document.createElementNS("", d.shape);

Where d.shape can be circle or polygon. Now depending on the shape, I would like to add an attribute. For circle:

.attr('r', 12)

For polygon:

.attr('points', '05,30 15,10 25,30'))

But I do not know how to add this variable pair attribute name/value. Is it possible? A related jsbin is here.


I would either use a selection filter for this, filtering on the nodeName property of the element:

d3.selectAll("top_level_selector") //or use existing selection from appending
    return this.nodeName == 'circle';
.attr("r", 12);


Or possibly just check inside the attribute function for correct nodetype :

    if(this.nodeName =='circle'){ return 12 }

I'm not positive but I don't think this will present a problem when it tries to assign an "r" attribute of undefined to the non-circle elements (and so on for 'points' on circle, etc).

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