Express.js - Retrieve one row from MySQL database

I'm trying to retrieve a single row from the mysql database and display it on the page (using handlebars).

This is my API:

app.get('/human/view/:request', api.getHuman);


var mysql = require('mysql');

var client = mysql.createConnection({
host        :   'localhost',
user        :   'vlad',
password    :   'xxx',
database    :   'resources'

exports.getHuman = function(req, res) {

client.query('SELECT * FROM humans WHERE request = ?', req.params.request, function(err, result) {
    if (err) {
        throw err;

    res.render('viewHuman', { title: 'View Resources', result: result });


// viewHuman View

<h2>{{ result.firstname }} + ' ' + {{ result.lastName }}</h2>

<h4>Request ID</h4>
<p> {{ result.request }} </p>

Still, whenever I try to retrieve that entry, I get the view rendered, but all my fields are empty.

I am looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you!


Change this line

    res.render('viewHuman', { title: 'View Resources', result: result[0] });

The callback return rows, as an array of objects, so just pass the first one to the view.

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