Javascript .open opens maximized in Chrome

When using the below to open a new window in Chrome the window always opens maximized. In Firefox it opens at the correct 200x200 size, so how can I get Chrome to behave the same and not maximize?

gamewindow ="","","width=200,height=200");

I'm now finding that if I include location=0 and menubar=0 that they still show up in both Firefox and Chrome. What's the deal with this? Is there some other way to do pop out windows because it seems is unreliable.


I'm testing your example on win7 and it works fine on chrome, at least for me

Have a look at this fiddle

Are you using it on a maximized (fullscreen) window on Mac?

Btw, I would not recommend using since it usually gets blocked by pop-up blocker

Edit: tested on Chrome stable, build 28.0.1500.95 m

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