php setting an error log

I'm having a hard time forcing my application to log errors. Here is a file hierarchy:

          | +-config
          | | +-errors.php
          | +-controllers
          | +-log
          | | +-error.log
          | +-etc...
          | +-index.php

And here is the errors.php :

 * This is configuration for error handling

//to display errors in browser, set 1
//to write errors to a  log file, set 1
//set default file to log errors
//error reporting level, set to E_ALL to see all errors and notices

I read in some article that this might be caused by the safe mode, so i turned it of, but it changed nothing.

Also have an idea that my path might be wrong, in that case, what should it be?

I realise that this question was asked before, but i have already read these articles and they didn't helped me. Even though this is a kind of a "debug my code" question, could someone help me?

(p.s. im sure the error.php file was reached and executed.) (p.p.s. error.php is included in index.php)


So i commented the safe mode line and dumped these lines:

error_reporting => int(22527)

error_log => bool(true)


Thank you for the posts, i learned quite a couple of things from them. When i tried the absolute path i learned that the problem is in file rights. All i had to do is

sudo chmod 777 error.log

Anyway, is it a good idea to have a file with 777 rights in your project directory?

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