Python dice game

I must create a dice game that generates numbers from 1 to 6. It will then throw the dice 50 times and it will count the number of odd numbers and even numbers. I'm using Python.

Here is my code:

import random

# Determine odd and even numbers

throws = 0
even = 0
odd = 0
maxthrows = 50

print "Even : Odd"

while True:
    throws += 1
    if throws == maxthrows:

dice = random.randrange(6)

if dice % 2 == 1:
    odd += 1
    even += 1
print even, " : ", odd

raw_input("Press enter to exit.")


Your loop is wrong, it should be:

while throws != maxthrows:
    throws += 1
    dice = random.randrange(6)
    if dice % 2 == 1:
        odd += 1
        even += 1

Notice that:

  • Whenever possible, the exit condition should be used in the loop condition, not in an if ... break
  • The part where you ask if the dice is odd must be inside the loop, in Python indentation matters - a lot!

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