Retrieve special folders that are not “default” outlook

I'm looping through each folder of my outlook store in my code and used to check the folder type by retreiving all default folders and compare their entry ID like the following.

Public Function GetFolderTypeName(objFolder)
 Dim objType, objDefaultFolder

 'dctValidFolders is a dictionary of default folders type
 For Each objType in dctValidFolders
  Set objDefaultFolder = objMAPI.GetDefaultFolder(dctValidFolders.Item(objType))
  If objFolder.EntryID = objDefaultfolder.EntryID Then
    Set objDefaultfolder = Nothing
    GetFolderTypeName = objType
    Exit Function
  End If
End Function

Now, I'm looping through a mailbox that has more than 1 folder of type contacts. What now?

Is there basically no other way to know the folder type?


There was in fact, check


This will return an item type , like olMailItem, and depending on that you can "assume" the folder type.

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