PHP problems with SQLite call to undefined function sqlite_open()

i have this server in php that worked perfectly until a few days ago.


ini_set(‘track_errors’, ’1′) ;
$dbFile = realpath('./').'/notificheDB';
echo "work";
$dbLink=sqlite_open($dbFile, 0666, $sqliteError);
echo "omg";

  $sqliteError= "Si è verificato un errore al momento dell’apertura/creazione del database <br> \n";
  $sqliteError.= '<strong>'.$php_errormsg.'</strong>' ;

  $php_errormsg="" ;

  die($sqliteError) ;


now when i use the instruction $dbLink=sqlite_open($dbFile, 0666, $sqliteError);the server crash but it responds with page 200. I put the two echo to be sure of the point where it stops working, in this case the response page print to video only "work" and never "omg".

I entered manually in php.ini sqlite

nothing the same, you have any suggestions?




sudo port install php5-sqlite

port installs the sqlite library, restart the server and everything should work

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