Committing same file to different forks. Will this cause problems?

In short, I am a designer on an engineering team that is working on multiple forks. I would like my team to always be using the latest iOS app icon, but I don't want to burden them by asking them to swap the art out every other day.

My first thought was that I should just clone all their forks, then commit the new artwork to each fork, but one of my co-workers thinks these identical files will cause a merge conflict when merging everything back in to main. Thoughts? Is there a better way to achieve this?


The proper way to do this would be to use a pull request for each of the forks. The commit that you are referencing will have a unique hash - the repository will know that it is the same commit in each fork.

There will be no merge conflict when merging identical files. If the files are not exactly identical, for example if they differ by even a single bit, only then there will be a merge conflict. Try it, you can easily test this in two local branches.

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