Android google places api return request denied

In my Android project I am using Google map v2 and its working. As a change request I need to include search places in AutoCompleteTextview.

I did the following steps to get map in Google console.
1) I have registered app.
2) Placed SHA1 key and generated Android key.
3) And made all procedure and get map.

Now I include Google places search in an auto complete textview.
1) go to the project enabled places api in the service pane. (picture 1)
2) I give sample company name and web site url ( (picture 2)
3) now I get browser key and used it in app. (picture 3)

what key need to use (browser key or android app key). I have used both.

But I got Request Denied Exception. I hope I made all things are correct.

I have referred sample from the site.

screen snaps:

after that:


I solved the problem by using Server key instead of using brower key.

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