How to get the name of current app within a template?

What's the simplest way to access the name of the current app within template code?

Alternatively, what's the simplest way to define a template variable to hold the name of the current app?

(The goal here is to minimize the number of places I need to edit if I rename an app.)


There's a way to obtain an app name for a current request. First, in your project's, considering your app is called 'main':
url(r'^', include('main.urls', app_name="main")),

Then, a context processsor:

from django.core.urlresolvers import resolve
def appname(request):
    return {'appname': resolve(request.path).app_name}

Don't forget to enable it in your settings:

You can use it in your template like any other variable: {{ appname }}.

Since Django 1.5 there is a "resolver_match" attribute on the request object.

This contains the matched url configuration including "app_name", "namespace", etc.

The only caveat is that it is not populated until after the first middleware passthrough, so is not available in process_request functions of middleware. However it is available in middleware process_view, views, and context processors. Also, seems like resolver_match is not populated in error handlers.

Example context processor to make available in all templates:

def resolver_context_processor(request):
    return {
        'app_name': request.resolver_match.app_name,
        'namespace': request.resolver_match.namespace,
        'url_name': request.resolver_match.url_name

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