Javascript Regular Expression - Limit number of valid characters

I'm learning regular expressions in javascript and I think there is something I'm missing.

I'm using an example where I'm trying to extract valid email addresses from a string. I'm getting the valid emails but I'm also getting invalid ones. Here's the code:

var teststring = "This is my test string with a valid email:,
             and an invalid email: this@broken.1. Pull only the valid email.";


When I run the match method, I get both the valid email "" and the invalid email "this@broken.1" returned.

I thought the {2,3} at the end of the last square brackets was supposed to specify that the particular character search within the brackets should only be valid if they contain 2 to 3 instances of the criteria, so why does the broken email with just the "1" after the last dot get returned?

I should also add that I totally understand that this is not a be all end all email validation expression. This is purely a trying-to-understand-regular-expressions question for me. I was searching around for a clear answer but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.



You need to escape that last .. Otherwise, it means "match any character", so the expression is catching these chunks:




. will match any character. To match an actual . you need \.


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