Mystic troubles with iOS deployment target on real devices

I have a trouble with XCode 5. Yesterday everything was fine. Today, when I try to run my app on iPhone 5 or iPad Mini I get the following error:

iOS deployment target '7.0' for architecture 'armv7s' and variant 'normal' is greater than the maximum value '6.1.99' for the iOS 6.1 SDK.

Base SDK and Deployment Target are both iOS 7 (Latest version). I have iOS7 on both devices. When I try to launch the app on simulators with iOS7 everything is fine. I've tried to clean the project, to restart XCode and MAC, looked in project.pbxproj - still can't understand what's up. So, any help would be very great!

Base SDK:

Deployment target:


So, I've solved the problem by deleting iOS 6.1 SDK from XCode completely - I've installed it manually a couple of weeks before. After that the app built with no problems.

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